"We were impressed with the speed PMA came to terms with the brief
and very pleased with the finished result

Director, London Transport Museum

"A solid understanding of the brand, grasp of the technical requirements of TV
coupled with a flair for innovative and realistic design

Mike Kavanagh, Head of presentation BBC Television News

"PMA's understanding of FMCG and the power of a simple but rigorously delivered concept
has allowed our brand to become one of the world's leading pick'n'mix sweet franchises.

Lisa Rosen CEO, Sweet Factory

Workspace and Corporate Design

We are all working in a challenging and competitive marketplace  where advantage is everything. Presenting a strong confident brand to your customers and keeping you workforce efficient and motivated will give you an edge. Good design provides this edge.

We have over 20 years experience in the field, from identity design and corporate communications through to workspace planning, the design of visitor facing areas, meeting / presentation  rooms and breakout zones.

We work closely with your marketing, HR, IT and property teams to understand your business and its key objectives, then translate this understanding into producing the optimum work environment. Our solutions are tailor made to your organisation.
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