"We were impressed with the speed PMA came to terms with the brief
and very pleased with the finished result

Director, London Transport Museum

"A solid understanding of the brand, grasp of the technical requirements of TV
coupled with a flair for innovative and realistic design

Mike Kavanagh, Head of presentation BBC Television News

"PMA's understanding of FMCG and the power of a simple but rigorously delivered concept
has allowed our brand to become one of the world's leading pick'n'mix sweet franchises.

Lisa Rosen CEO, Sweet Factory

  • 04 Hideaway Alley Sign_Gobo

    04 Hideaway Alley Sign_Gobo

  • Hideaway Front-Detail

    Hideaway Front-Detail

  • Keyhole Glow

    Keyhole Glow

  • Jazz_Paintings


  • Hideaway Bar Detail_Stage)

    Hideaway Bar Detail_Stage)

  • Hideaway Jazz_6

    Hideaway Jazz_6

  • Hideaway Jazz_5

    Hideaway Jazz_5

  • Hideaway Jazz_4

    Hideaway Jazz_4

  • Hideaway Jazz_3

    Hideaway Jazz_3

  • Hideaway Jazz_2

    Hideaway Jazz_2

  • Hideaway Jazz 7

    Hideaway Jazz 7

  • Hideaway Jazz 6

    Hideaway Jazz 6

  • Hideaway Jazz 5

    Hideaway Jazz 5

  • Hideaway Jazz 4

    Hideaway Jazz 4

  • Hideaway Jazz 3

    Hideaway Jazz 3

  • Piano


  • Misha DTB

    Misha DTB

  • keyhole 2 1000px

    keyhole 2 1000px

  • Flute 1000px

    Flute 1000px

  • 10 Bar Through Glass CROP 1000px

    10 Bar Through Glass CROP 1000px

Hideaway Jazz

Hideaway Jazz Club a glamourous new 6,000 sq.ft restaurant / jazz venue in South London.
The project is the brainchild of businesswoman and jazz fan Frances Strachan who commissioned Paul Mullins Associates as designers to convert an old snooker hall into this venue with a tight budget and fast track programme. Branding by Indelible.

What the press say;